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I'm Damien Boussard, junior game designer. I like to design games and make prototypes, but also graphic design, writing, pixel art and so on!


You can find here video game projects I worked on.



Two player strategy game / Unity

13 members / 6 months

L.U.C.A. (Last Universal Common Ancestor) is a two player turn based strategy game about evolution and natural selection. The intention behind this game idea is to give the player the feeling of creating their own evolutionary history.

My role

I led the overall  game design direction. I also worked on a part of the system design and on the UI programming.

BeepBoop Adventure

3D Platformer / Unreal Engine 5

4 members / 5 weeks

BeepBoop Adventure is a 3D collect-a-thon platformer. Play as the little broken robot BeepBoop and find the batteries in this industrial and sad world.

My role

In this project I made the level design of the biggest level, implemented some world mechanics and the cinematic design.


(ongoing prototype)

Turned based battle / Unity

Solo / Ongoing

Entomogone is a solo turn based battle system prototype.

You play two insects with unique playstyle and synergies which can share their skills.

It's a full solo prototype, from game design to programming and placeholder art.



Unreal Tournament map

Solo / 3 weeks

Tron Confrontation is a capture the flag map on Unreal Tournament, inspired by the aesthetics of Tron. It's a solo project, from level design to art.

You can see the trailer of the map here

Some other projects

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soul train captur.png

Soul train

Jam project / Runner / Unity

castle reconquest.png

Castle Reconquest

Solo project / Infiltration /Unity



Mobile drawing game / Unity

Download here

Contact me


You can download my resume here

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